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Apollo Design Wet Room Course

Become a tradesman. The best investment you will ever make.




Cost of new business

The setting up cost of most businesses is prohibitive for most people as a shop can cost around £50,000 to set up and stock. So can a restaurant and many others.

This business is unique in offering a long term opportunity with high returns for just a couple of thousand poundsin tools.
What is more, you have NO overheads, no rent, no electric, no council tax and no lease renewal.
It is a win win with just a little training from me and you are up and running.

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My name is Alan Boswell
the founder of Apollo Design and the developer of the ‘fast floor fabrication system’.

I am retired now and would like to teach the most profitable system of installing wet rooms that I developed over more than twenty years.

In the most profitable trade with no qualifications required.






Customers are paying £10,000 plus for a wet room. You can install one for £4-7,000. Giving you £2-5,000 profit. When you get up to speed, you should be able to complete one within a week with one helper. £4,000 profit in a week, not bad.






A Vast Opportunity. 

The UK and most developed countries have an ageing population. Most of these people are infirm or disabled. They find it increasingly difficult to get into a bath. Many baths have been replaced with shower enclosures. But these still have a step up making it difficult to enter. This is because when replacing a bath, the installer used the old bath waste above the floor because they were not able to do what you are going to do. Besides, enclosures are difficult to keep clean, the glass stains, the frames go mouldy and the doors fall off, really.

Wet rooms are becoming ever more popular as up market bathing. There are untold baths to be replaced giving you years of highly profitable work that you need NO SKILL for, just follow my course. I will walk you through any problems once you start, just a call away.

Your local authority is converting many of their housing bathrooms into wet rooms. This really is a big market.

Be in the right place (market) at the right time.






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The most profitable wet room is a disability one. That is because these customers mainly want mobility and functional, so are happy with standard furniture. You earn more but remember you are changing their life.






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There is no need to use a £500 tray former kit with this system. They are slow and complicated to install and are expensive. The Level-Deck Easyfit is £450.00 Follow me and install faster for very little cost.






How to set in gully and drainage and finish concrete floor..








How to finish a wooden floor ready for tiling or vinyl.








Why you do not use plasterboard in a shower area.







Find out 

The trade secrets, tools and essential items the trade uses to make installation fast and economical. 




Carborundum stone for smoothing concrete floors.




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Typical Mobility Wet Room.

My installation course is only £199.00


Yes, only £199.00

What? You thought you would have to scroll down miles to see the price?

Wade through hundreds of testimonials.

Give your email to find out cost and be bombarded with sales letters.

This is a serious business that I retired from in only ten years. Forget all the get rich schemes as you are obviously intelligent enough to know they are all bullshit or you would not be here.

Your first wet room will return this cost tenfold.

What you get

  1. Instruction video
  2. Example quotations
  3. Accountancy package in zip file format.
  4. Word.doc containing video transcript, list of starter tools and useful items to stock

Everything you need to get started. For more info, complete the form below.




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Course for wooden floors    £199.00

Course for concrete floors   £199.00



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