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Sell our Chatbots, no coding experience needed.

All done online and no upfront cost.

Make from £125.00 per bot



We go that bit further to give the client the best results by adding images of company or staff, even some humour. Whatever the client requires. 

This is a typical garage bot. Full page or standard.

This can be modified to any business with or without Gifs. 

Click on the phone for a full page example 

A full page bot is more productive. The choice is yours.







Just find clients online, show them our Demo Page
And we do the rest.
Of course they don't have to look like this. We can use clients photo or stock image.

Add company photos or a gif.




It will ask visitors questions and give them choices as well as collecting emails and phone numbers.

You can add images, Gifs and even a booking form. 

It engages the visitor, keeping them on the page longer. This greatly increases sales and prospect lists.

Produces more results than an enquiry form. A static page is the past.

Used by all the big companies, now you can offer a chatbot to anyone with a website

Click on an image




No coding required on your part
Download and send clients our enquiry form, "Questionnaire"   to find out exactly what they want.

Make a simple flowchart in word. And we do the rest.




Big companies have paid thousands to have programmers make a chatbot.
Now you can offer them as low as £250 or whatever you think they will pay. Most small companies will pay £300. You get 50% of sale while we do the work. That will give you a profit of £150.

That is for a basic bot, the more complex the more you charge. We charge a small monthly fee of £5.00 for maintenance, updates and statistics.




You can even give them a demo here.  Send them to our Demo Page

Use the link below to the demo page. Remember to add your ID below

Then download and send our  Questionnaire.  We do the rest.



At last a technical product with big sales potential

With zero techno skills needed.
What could be better to email out from home.

Just copy out our email template in Word

Modify it, add the page link opposite

find a client, we build their bot.

They pay here, once they are happy with their bot.

Send them the payment link on the download page. 


You create an account as a guest for your client

Under your own member ID

You just give them the link to purchase

at whatever you charged them and their login details.

This will be credited to your account less our 50%

Stick to one sector. 

Let us know sector, we will build a demo bot for it.

To direct them to your page, Use link below 



Download Links



Download page




Points to remember. 

By asking the right questions, a site will;

Keep the visitor interested and on the site longer.

Direct them to the exact content they are looking for.

People engage because they are used to chats, Facebook etc.

Take bookings, automatically sent to site owners calendar

How powerful and built for you.


Demo Page