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We proudly present our product that automatically harvests TARGETED email addresses, phone numbers, Skype IDs, and Facebook/Twitter UIDs

Email Extractor,  Email Verifier,  Email Sender


Nowadays, Google can easily ban your website for using search engine optimization techniques that it doesn't like. Of course, you can buy AdWords, but it will probably make more money for Google than for you. It's time to switch to alternative lead generation methods!

LetsExtract Email Studio is a brand new app that is based on proven and tested data search and extraction technologies. It will quickly generate massive amounts of TARGETED leads for you. Email Studio can extract all kinds of contact details from your potential customers' social media profiles: email addresses, phone numbers, website links, and so on. Naturally, your targeted newsletters and cold calls will be much more effective than nontargeted ones.

Our product will save you a lot of time. We've already done a great job (mind you, we've been developing it for three years), and we continue to improve it! 




Harvest Emails by Keyword" 

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LetsExtract Email Studio Basic                   £30.00 Extracter 

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Extract emails by Keywords using Search Engines with LetsExtract Email Studio


Our product supports keyword search via Google, Bing, Yahoo, Ask, AOL, Baidu and Yandex. For example, type in "plumbing fixtures store" or "plumbing store" if you wholesale plumbing fixtures. You will get TENS OF THOUSANDS of search results! Email Studio will automatically crawl the websites from the search results, parse the webpages, and extract email addresses and phone numbers along with their owners' names. 


Extract emails & phones from websites with built-in website crawler

Unlike many web-based tools, Email Studio's built-in crawler allows you to scan an unlimited number of webpages. Moreover, you can use it anytime without paying a monthly or per-use fee. Say, you need to promote a crypto currency project. If you know a forum frequented by bitcoin aficionados, you can extract their email addresses with Email Studio's scanner, and then send your newsletters to them.

Extract Emails from Facebook & Twitter

Of course, you can simply buy Facebook ads, but there is an alternative approach: You can use LetsExtract to extract names and contact details of people who belong to a specific group or like posts on a specific subject.

Unlike many web-based tools, our product can collect an unlimited number of leads. LetsExtract Email Studio allows you to pick out people by such criteria as their interests, position, place of residence, or language. It can also pick out leads from any groups in fully automatic mode. Moreover, Email Studio can perform an intelligent search for public email addresses and phone numbers of the selected people with the success rate of 3–5 percent. It also allows you to save the resulting leads in a format of your choice.

It's a marketing expert's dream come true!

Our software will automatically scan social media profiles and extract such information as occupation, education, likes, and comments. It will also extract the users' public email addresses and phone numbers. If a group or user has provided a link to their website, Email Studio will follow the link and extract email addresses, phone numbers, and other contact details directly from that website. It will also search for the users' Facebook or Twitter UIDs on the Web in order to find their email addresses and phone numbers. 

Your potential customers are waiting for you. Make sure that you use the right tool to find them!

LetsExtract Email Studio's functionality is not limited to using search engines and extracting leads from websites and social media.

Built-in Email Validator

Our email validator will save you time and money by quickly removing any outdated or invalid entries from your email list. Always keep your email list up to date, otherwise your newsletters may be reported as spam! Other vendors provide similar functionality as a separate tool priced at $40 or more.

Extracting emails from files & folders

Email Studio can quickly extract leads from files and folders. It will come in handy if you need to extract email addresses and other contact details from an old database or PDF document.

Extracting emails from mailboxes

Surely your mailbox contains some email messages that you sent to or received from prospective customers. Email Studio can easily extract their contact details. Just connect to your mailbox via IMAP or POP3 and select the folder with the messages. Email Studio supports all kinds of mail servers, including Gmail, iCloud, etc.

Extracting emails from Yelp

Yelp is a great directory of local businesses, especially of those specializing in recreation, entertainment, or public catering. Email Studio supports Yelp in 40 countries and in 28 languages. All you need to do is select a country and a city, and (optionally) enter a keyword. Email Studio will automatically analyze each webpage found, crawl company websites (if any), and extract email addresses, phone numbers, links, and social media UIDs (Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn).

Batch mode

Do you want even more automation? No problem! Just make your own search list, add links, enter keywords, and click the Start button! Batch email address harvesting is a great option if you already have some experience with Email Studio.

Company Contact Finder

LetsExtract Email Studio can quickly find any company's contact details for you. You only need to enter the domain name. Email Studio will crawl the website and search for any mentionings of the company on the Web in order to find all of its email addresses and phone numbers. Web-based tools charge $0.50 or more per search, but we provide that functionality basically for free and without any limitations!

Whois Email & Phone Extractor

This feature can come in handy, too. Just enter a domain list and click the Start button. Email Studio will extract each domain owner's email address, phone number, address, and country. (Please note that in some cases such data may be hidden for privacy protection purposes.)

Google Maps Extractor

The most powerful Google Maps scraping tool to instantly generate a ton of leads, anywhere in the world. LetsExtract extracts name, email, phone number, addreess, website, and more information from companies.


Configure it as you like

LetsExtract provides rich configuration options. You can limit the search depth and the number of pages, filter the results by domain name or country, use regular expressions to collect emails, Skype IDs and phone numbers, use proxy server lists to avoid detection by anti-bot systems, and use wildcard patterns to restrict parsing.

Why should you choose LetsExtract Email Studio?


It's a 100% professional product! It was made by professionals with extensive experience in software development. Email Studio is based on our previous social media, website, and search result parsing projects. It will be a great help to marketing experts and beginners. Email Studio is highly optimized for fast HTML page parsing. In some cases, we even had to limit the parsing speed, simply because HTML pages couldn't be retrieved from websites that quickly. We also made sure that Email Studio is as user-friendly as possible. You don't need any special skills to use it!

LetsExtract Email Studio is a smart solution. We are not going to disclose our know-how, but here's an example. If you've read the text above, you already know that Email Studio can crawl websites and extract leads. But instead of starting to download the entire website straight away, our app first checks it for any webpages whose URLs contain words like Contacts, Feedback, Our Members, etc. This approach saves both time and traffic! Here's another example: You don't want to be banned by anti-spam systems for sending unwanted emails, right? Then you need to extract only the most relevant leads. You also need to be very careful when harvesting leads from social media. But don't worry! LetsExtract Email Studio knows what kind of website it's currently crawling and cleverly disguises itself as a web browser. This approach works especially well with Facebook and other social media.

b>It's like a Swiss Army knife! Did you ever see so many handy tools in one moderately-priced product? WE GUARANTEE that you will not find anything that is cheaper than LetsExtract Email Studio and has a similar set of features. As for web-based services, they provide minimum functionality for a monthly fee. But, of course, we are just trying to sell you our worthless product, right? 


The best choice for beginners

If you think you can never create an email list from scratch, LetsExtract Email Studio comes to your help! Use it, and you will easily find thousands of contacts in your market niche, who can become your subscribers or customers.

A must-have tool for professionals

Our product is the best email crawler you can find on the market. You can fine-tune it to grab only the most relevant emails/phones/Skype IDs/SM UIDs. For example, you can harvest phone numbers and Skype IDs to make a highly targeted cold calling list. You can also use your own regular expressions to collect custom information. You can make adjustments even if Email Studio has already begun harvesting. For example, you can change its settings, include or exclude certain webpages, and so on.

This app can make you a lot of money!

If you have a high-quality product or service and use an email list to promote it, each subscriber can bring you about $1 a month. That's the email marketing standard. A decent email crawler can generate tens of thousands of leads. If only 10 percent of them become your subscribers, you can make a lot of money. It will take LetsExtract Email Studio a couple of hours to generate 10,000 leads! Let's make some calculations. If 10 percent of the leads become your subscribers (the best-case scenario), you can make $1000 a month. Even if only 5 percent of the leads become your subscribers, you can still make $500 a month. Don't you agree that buying our app is a great investment? Just imagine how many new leads it can generate for you if you use it once a week! You can test new keywords, adjust the targeting or geographic settings, and explore new market niches!

  • It's absolutely the best email extractor! I make cold calling lists for my customers as an additional service. LetsExtract EmailStudio does that job perfectly. I just enter some keywords, and it automatically builds a web-site list and generates leads. I used to spend 1 or 2 days to make the list by hand. Your app does that job in just an hour!
    Peter Finch, California Marketing Agency
  • Your app is awesome! It collects email addresses faster than any other software that I've tried. Thanks for the discount, too! Hopefully, some day you'll make a Mac OS version available, too.
    Dmitry B., A e-mail marketing consultant
  • It's surely the fastest email grabber. I run it at least once a month. I work in the advertising department of our company, post news and articles on our ?orporate blog, and send newsletters. We provide outdoor advertising services. I use your app to harvest phone numbers and addresses from Avito classified ads. Thank you!
    Jackson Scott, PR agency
  • Thanks a lot for your software! It's just what I need. I wouldn't say I'm a spammer, but sending advertising newsletters is an additional source of income for me. Targeted newsletters still work great. I highly recommend using LetsExtract Email Studio.
    [Anonymous testimonial]
  • I've been looking for a decent email harvester for a long time. LetsExtract Email Studio is a very good one. So far, I've used it only once: I needed to extract the recipients' email addresses from my mailbox, so that I could send newsletters to my clients. There are many email harvesters on the market, but only your product is worth its price tag. Thank you so much!
    Sean Booth, a freelancer (SMM & Marketing)
  • It looks like ready-made email lists don't work anymore. You need to use an email harvesting app. The DMOZ and Google.Catalog parsers are now mostly useless as the data is outdated. If you need up-to-date information, use an app that can crawl websites and extract email addresses in real time. Thank you very much! Our SMM company Twenty Five loves your product.
    Ryder Wall, Twenty Five (New York, US)
  • I mostly use LetsExtract Email Collector to build a cold calling list. Our company provides consulting services, and making the list is a routine job for me. Your app works without a hitch.
    Jozeph, Australlia
  • Extracting phones is no longer a problem for us. Your app is a spammer's must-have tool, I highly recommend it.
    Oleg, a realtor, YourUK agency (United Kingdom)
  • Thank you for your amazing Email Extractor Software! It's a new thing in email marketing... I would even say, it's a trailblazer!
    Shukhrat Gasanov, a blogger Quebek, Canada
  • If you use LetsExtract Email Grabber only from time to time (one or two searches per day) and limit the number of simultaneous connections to the default settings (no more than 5 simultaneous connections per website; only 1 connection per search engine), you'll be fine. When necessary, LetsExtract Email Grabber disguises itself as a web browser to avoid detection by anti-bot systems. Note that some websites may treat even 2 simultaneous connections as a potential bot. They usually manifest it by returning the error code 503 or 403. If that happens, you need to manually limit the number of connections. If you harvest emails on a regular basis, better connect to websites via HTTP/HTTPS proxy servers.
    Spoocky (US)