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English Counselling & General Hypnotherapy service Alicante Costa Blanca


Therapy Online. (I am offering online therapy only currently) A very warm welcome to my website. Please feel free to contact me for a no obligation 15 min free chat telephonic consultation to arrange an online session. I am a Registered Therapist Practitioner, General Hypnotherapist and Health Practitioner, in a private practice since 2008 Based in San Vicente del Raspeig, Alicante, Spain.



Meraki Professional Speaking Training


Inspiring leaders to present themselves with more clarity, confidence and charisma through our Professional Speaking Training Programmes.




Do whatever it takes to become who you want to be


Karin Kersten, holistic health coach – virtual and international –


As a holistic health coach, I help you tackle your chronic diseases and complaints at the source. Regular medicine cannot stop the epidemic of western diseases. That is why I use a holistic approach that has already healed many people worldwide. My approach ensures a complete transformation. This is a completely different approach than symptom control. I support and inspire you to make positive changes in your daily habits.




Books By Maria Teresa De Donato PhD


Maria Teresa De Donato, Ph.D. (L.I.O.N.) Freelance Journalist and Blogger at Maria Teresa De Donato Message


An eclectic-holistic-multidisciplinary Author, Maria Teresa De Donato, Ph.D. is also a caring Holistic Health Professional and Coach with more than 35 year experience in Public and Holistic Health. She is a Certified and Registered Traditional Naturopath (RND) and a Certified Homeopath. In her practice she applies principles of Classical Homeopathy, Western & Eastern Nutrition and Herbalism.
See Maria's article on us Holistic-Multidisciplinary Blog. In Italian Holistic-Multidisciplinary Blog. And in German Holistic-Multidisciplinary Blog.

Again in the Italian Magazine And again in another Italian magazine,  www.italia, for all you Italians out there.





Nimble eLearning Courses


Nimble is no ordinary elearning platform; we’ve made it super-easy to create engaging courses and deliver them to your teams.
Working from home essentials, 5 pack course. What’s more, our free training and support will rocket you towards success.





Health and Wealth


Find Vegan Restaurants Nearby.

Health and Wealth



Our Original Moringa Site


This was My first site when I began writing.
But when I discovered Moringa, I had to tell the world

Health and Wealth