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OSM CBD Premium Hemp Essential Oil Extract from Natural Hemp Plant

1000mg High Purity CBD for Pain and Insomnia Relief.

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1. 100% Brand New Extract From Hemp

2. Net Content: 10ml

3. 1000mg  Means the quantity of CBD Isolate in the Oil ( OVER 99% Purity )

4.CAS Number? 13956-29-1?Molecular formula? C21H30O2 ?Accurate Molecular Weight? 314.2238

5. The Certificate of Lab approval

6. THC Less than 2%

7. CBD Oil Contain numbers of hemp elements which is CBC, CBN, CBG and trace of THC

8. Quick effect for anti-anxiety, relief pain, improve sleep quality

Please allow up to 21 days for delivery.


Package Include:

10ML for 1bottle 

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