Siam Solutions - Kitchen Tap Light

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Colorful LED Kitchen Tap Light, 3 Colour, Changing With Water Temperature, flashes if water gets hotter that 45 degrees, the red light flashes.

22mm thead as kitchen taps. Water generates the light. Comes with internal thread adapter. 

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Product instructions:

Smaller device, suitable for taps.

Waterproof version does not need batteries,
3 colors change depending on the temperature for the kitchen and square meters.

When the water temperature is below 32 degrees, the light is blue.

When the water temperature is between 33 to 41 degrees, the right side shows green.

When the water temperature is between 42 and 45 degrees, it will show red.

When the water temperature is higher than 46 degrees, the red light flashes.
two packs of connectors.

Easy to install, helps kids avoid scalding water, a must-have device in every home.

Made of ABS material, excellent corrosion resistance. Suitable for bathrooms or kitchens, very fantastic and durable.

Case Material: ABS
Inner diameter: 1.5cm
External thread diameter: 2.2cm
Item size: 3.5 * 2.4 *
2.4cm Item weight: 22g

Package Include:

1 * LED light faucet
1 * internal thread adapter

Please allow up to 21 days for delivery. Full refund if damaged on delivery, photo Required.

Kitchen Tap Light
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Inghoo Colorful LED Faucet Light 3 Color Changing Depending on Water Temperature for Kitchen Bathroom Washing Shower, Home and Lighting

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