Siam Solutions - 18 Inch Professional Electronic Dart Board

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230V 18 Inch Professional Electronic Dart Board Bullseye, 4 LED Display Methods,  Electronic Darts With Plastic Tips.

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Packaged included:
1 x Electronic Dart Board
6 x Electronic Dart
28 x Plastic Head
1 x Adapter
1 x English Manual
Material: PP(Polypropylene)+ABS(Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene)
Color: Black
Dart Board Size: 18inch
Display: 4 LED Display
Voltage: 230V
Number of Players: Up to 16
Number of Games : 27 main + 243 play methods
Power: Adapter/ 4 x AA 1.5V Batteries (not included)
Size: 440x505x28mm/17.3"x20"x1.1"
- 27 main games +243 play methods
- Up to 16 people play at the same time, the default 2 individuals to play
- Easy-to-use electronic dart board
- Includes 28 dart head
- Battery or adapt operated
- 4 LED display, accurately display the score
- Suitable for game room, bar, family room
The benefits of playing darts:
1. Dartboard exercise is a systemic movement, the office fitness effect is very good, is a modern office sick nemesis.
2. Darts relative to archery, shooting, there is a clear distinction between the latter for the static aiming, muscle stretch to a certain extent remain static, the capillary does not dilate, long-term exercise may form occupational diseases, and the dart during the moving part of the movement , There are static parts, exercise is not large, and can be adjusted, both to exercise, but also to eliminate fatigue.
3. Dart exercise is also a group exercise, good mental health, and can provide a modern social stage.
4. The dart movement mainly involved in and contraction of the muscles and links, there are fingers, wrist, elbow, shoulder, deltoid, triceps, wrist, finger muscles, etc., especially for some minor exercise usually less Muscle training. Exercise is not large, but also adjustable, back and forth taking a dart is also a good exercise.
5. Exercise eyesight, dart sports require rhythmic eye targeting, relax, relax the eyes, relieve eye fatigue have some benefits.
6. Dart exercise can improve the nerve to accurately control the ability of the muscles, this ability to a certain extent will not grow, a high level of dart, three dart can be controlled within 1cm2, with innate factors, but through exercise can Increase effectively.
7. Dart sports is a competitive, confrontational strong, at the same leisure, entertainment is also very strong, you can adjust the mental state and improve psychological quality.
8. Darts exercise can be adjusted left and right brain balance, that is, in the logical thinking and space control to determine the balance.

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18 Inch Electronic Dart Board
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230V 18 Inch Professional Electronic Dart Board Bullseye 4 LED Display Play Methods With Electronic Dart Plastic Head, Darts

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