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USB Electric Air Humidifier, Wood Grain Aroma Diffuser, Essential Oil Aromatherapy Diffuser

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??This ultrasonic aromatherapy diffuser can help purify and improve air quality, ease tension, reduce illnesses enhance immunity, protect against secondhand smoke pollution and dispel the unusual smell.

??It can also keep all the natural ingredients and release essential oil 100% of active ingredients which are more likely to be body and skin to absorb, and make the aromatherapy the effect is much better.

??With the concept of health and its exquisite design, it is a good choice to decorate a room, or choose as a gift for family or friends.

??Automatic Power off Safety System?When the water is used up, it will turn off automatically to protects the product from being burned out. Whisper-quiet?This humidifier is adopted ultrasonic technology which does not generate noise when working, sleeping, working or studying,doing Yoga, and enjoying SPA. ??Seven-color LED light conversion can make the family decoration more beautiful!

Important things you need to know?

1.Before using the humidifier, please make sure that the cotton swab is completely immersed in water to ensure that the wet cotton swab is in contact with the atomizing sheet and can emit a good mist. Please ensure correct operation, thank you! (If the operation is not correct, it will lead to the phenomenon that only the light will not fog) 2.The humidifier uses pure water, do not use tap water 3.Do not add too many essential oils (1-2 drops). And only add water-soluble essential oils. Otherwise, the humidifier will be corroded. Clean the humidifier and atomizer in time after using essential oils. 4.Clean the atomizer regularly, because the atomizer is the key to the fog

Please allow up to 21 days for delivery. Full refund if damaged on delivery, photo Required.

Aroma air diffuser 1
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USB Electric Air Humidifier Mini Wood Grain Aroma Diffuser Essential Oil Aromatherapy Cool Mist Maker With LED Use For Home, Inagla Sandalwood Essential Oil Pure Natural 10ML Pure Essential Oils Aromatherapy Diffusers Oil Healthy Calming Air Fresh Care

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