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Household Health Care Sphygmomanometer Blood Pressure Meter Monitor Heart Rate Pulse Portable Smart Blood Pressure Meter


This product is an intelligent electronic blood pressure monitor for professional measurement of human body blood pressure.It features simple operation with a high-definition super screen LCD display,and function of memory reading,blood pressure warning and automatic shutdown.

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Technical parameters

Display mode liquid crystal display screen(LCD)
Measuring mode Depressurization type oscillometric method for measurement
Power supply 2*AAA alkaline batteries(3V)(not included)
Blood pressure range 20-280)mmHg/(2.7-37)kPa
Pulse rate range (46-60)times/min
Accuracy ±3mmHg/(±0.4kPa)(blood pressure)±5%(pulse rate)
Formato 77.5mm(L)×68mm(W)×30mm(H) (not include Wristbands)
Wrist band 135-215mm(5.31-8.45in)
« 99 sets of storage( 2 people),IHB arrhythmia detection
« intelligent presurize,live voice (optional),Serial port (optional)
« Voltage power detection,Low power consumption
« Display:Digital liquid crystal display
« Fashionable outward,Light and compact,Easy to carry,suitable for health care(medical field,familes and adult)
« Auto power off:Auto power off when no operation for 1 minute.

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