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Back Massager Stretcher, Lumbar Support for Spine Pain Relief.

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The main problem with our backs is that we sit bent forward most of the time and our back tightens up in this position. We need to bend backwards to keep it free.

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*1. Material: ABS

*2. Level: three-level adjustment

*3. Maximum load: 150 kg

*4. Size: 38.5 x 16.8 cm



*1. 3-level adjustable angle, rear arch angle can be adjusted as needed to meet waist training needs

*2. 88 massage points are like acupuncture in traditional Chinese medicine, pressing different parts of the body.

*3. Use environmentally friendly ABS polyurethane, non-toxic and harmless, tough and solid to support your lumbar, the maximum load reaches 150 kg.

*4. The 26-degree physiological curve that allows the waist to return to normal.

*5. Whether you are lying or sitting, you can use this massager, suitable for home, office, car.


Package Includes:

1 x lumbar massager

Please allow up to 21 days for delivery. Full refund if damaged, photo needed.

Back stretch.
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