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Back Pain eBook

£2.99 eBook on Back Pain and the Cure.

If you understood what is wrong with your back?

If you understand the cause. How it's an evolutionary problem.
Then, you will understand the cure and why it is the worlds biggest cause of lost work.


£4.99 £2.99
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Salvation Earth


A barbarian and an enchanted sword. Will it be enough to save humanity?

A barbarian battles through a bloodbath to find a world beyond his wildest dreams. A hero that fights so many battles that his own people fear him.

Adventure and surprise, a fast paced, evocative and imaginative novel following the struggles of a dynamic cast of characters as they navigate an intriguing and well-constructed plot. Format-Word file.

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Beyond Salvation



Arran returns in Beyond Salvation

Arran fights the alien champion in a bloody duel where he has met his match.

Follow up to Salvation Earth. Will our hero defeat the Aliens while fighting Cyborgs? 

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Health eBook

Free eBook. Thoughts on health

Download your free Health eBook Here







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